What top derms want you to know about menopause and skin

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Menopause comes with liberating upsides (no more monthly periods) and well-documented downsides (hot flashes and fatigue), but few women are prepared for the ways this natural stage of life impacts their skin. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists defines menopause as the twelve months after ovaries stop producing estrogen (the hormone that helps regulate the menstrual cycle). It can be a problematic time for your skin because estrogen is manna for your complexion: When levels of the hormone decrease, issues like dullness, dryness, and increased sensitivity to damaging UV rays can arise. “As women lose estrogen, their collagen production also decreases,” says dermatologist Howard Murad, MD, founder of the eponymous skincare line, Murad. That means skin can get thinner and start to sag, too.

Although menopause begins, on average, at the age of 51, many of these issues can start even earlier. “As you age, the skin naturally becomes

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USC Keck School of Medicine dean to step down after 3 years

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a man and a woman posing for a picture: Dr. Laura Mosqueda, at left in 2014 with gerontologist Dr. Kerry Burnight, will step down as dean of USC's Keck School of Medicine. (Kevin Chang / Coastline Pilot)

© (Kevin Chang / Coastline Pilot)
Dr. Laura Mosqueda, at left in 2014 with gerontologist Dr. Kerry Burnight, will step down as dean of USC’s Keck School of Medicine. (Kevin Chang / Coastline Pilot)

The dean of USC’s Keck School of Medicine will step down after not quite three years in her post, the university announced on Monday, marking a change of leadership during a pandemic that has altered healthcare and brought upheaval to American higher education.

Dr. Laura Mosqueda’s last day as dean will be Sept. 15. The physician will take on a new role focusing on geriatric healthcare and elder justice, “part of USC’s long-term growth plan for our entire healthcare system,” according to a memo issued by Provost Charles Zukoski.

No further reason was provided for Mosqueda’s departure as dean. Zukoski said in his memo that Dr. Narsing Rao, the chair of USC’s ophthalmology program, would take

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My husband’s fasting diet makes him a hangry monster.

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A Black woman stands in the kitchen with her arms crossed and eyes downcast. A white man is in the foreground.
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Dear Prudence,

My husband is awesome—smart, funny, and until recently exactly the person I’d most want to be stuck social distancing with for the long haul. Last year, before our wedding, he lost a significant amount of weight through a combination of intermittent fasting and exercise. He never consulted a doctor about this diet, but it seemed to work for him. Lately, however, we are all under a bit more stress. He works in a reopening industry, and the days are long trying to keep everything together. I notice that he doesn’t eat in the morning or

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