The High Priestess: Re-envisioning The Sacred With Flower Medicine

jhon pablo

Welcome back witches, mystics and stoners! I know it’s been a hot minute since my last column, but we’re back, baby! As we’ve continued to move through a Covid world, at least here in the US, one of the ways I’ve been able to survive is by working with cannabis as a tool to help me be present and grounded in my body when my mind is all over the place and my thoughts feel scattered. Plant medicine is exactly that; a sacred practice where we are able to commune and find resonance with sacred herbs and flowers. Of course, we’re talking about cannabis, but this practice can also include herbs like lavender, mugwort, rose, damiana and even resin like copal, myrrh and frankincense. To help you all find your own style of sacred plant medicine rituals, I talked to one of my favorite witches, Taylor Cordova, aka the Flowerchild

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Aging for Amateurs: During COVID-19, it’s still important to visit the dentist | Columnists

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Four weeks ago, I wrote a column on places you won’t see me during the COVID-19 pandemic. One place that was conspicuously absent was the dentist. I hadn’t done enough research to comment on the issue of whether to seek dental care in this difficult time, but I believe I have now.

After reviewing the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites and talking with several local dentists, including my own family dentist, Dr. Keith Kirkland, I’m comfortable recommending regular visits for preventive care (cleaning and evaluation for tooth and gum problems) every six months, as usual.

Aging for Amateurs: Where you won’t see me during the pandemic

Of course, emergency care for dental trauma or severe pain is also recommended when needed. Talk to your dentist if you have particular concerns with visiting.

You will likely find your dentist’s office looking a little different to allow for social distancing in the waiting room

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is it facing a food crisis?

jhon pablo

A national campaign to curb mounting food waste in China is feeding speculation that the supply outlook is worse than the government admits and fuelling warnings food could become another front in the worsening US-China rivalry.

Officials have repeatedly said 'all-is-well' and promise a bumper 2020 grain crop there are growing concerns about a food shortfall

Officials have repeatedly said ‘all-is-well’ and promise a bumper 2020 grain crop there are growing concerns about a food shortfall

President Xi Jinping started the “Operation Empty Plate” drive in mid-August to address what he called “shocking and distressing” waste, prompting a nationwide push to comply reminiscent of the Mao era.

The aggressive campaign has spooked many on social media, who are asking whether it indicates deeper problems.

China is among the world’s biggest food producers and consumers, with nearly 1.4 billion mouths to feed.

But heavy flooding this year in the Yangtze River basin — the source of most of China’s rice — has destroyed huge swathes of farmland, while coronavirus

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