Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods and How to Follow this Diet

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Anti-inflammatory foods - Dr. Axe

When we look at the diseases that plague our society — arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) — we see that long-term lifestyle changes are needed. What might not be as obvious is the common denominator tied to all of them and more: inflammation is at the root of most diseasesBy addressing the inflammation with anti-inflammatory foods, not only can the symptoms of these diseases be alleviated, but we could even see them disappear. Let’s dive into the top foods that will combat inflammation.

What Are Anti-Inflammatory Foods? And How Can They Transform Your Health?

Inflammation as a bodily function is not necessarily a bad thing. When the body is injured or ill, the lymphatic (immune) system springs into action, bringing the immune system’s army of white blood cells to the area of concern via increased blood flow.

With the increased attention

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Anti-inflammatory Diet page

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Eating cucumbers in summer will keep you cool eating almonds in winter will keep you warm. Cucumbers are low in nutrition and almonds high in calories.

Trans-Fat  or Hydrogenated fats are contained in cookies, cakes, fried potatoes and candy bars. Animal fats are not the problem need to wake up. Athletes who take a low fat diet have higher risk of sudden cardiac death.

 One should eat organic food and avoid processed food. Hot dogs have been associated with higher cancer rates. Do not eat

soy products
only fermented soy is ok for health.

The best drug on Earth is Oxygen. It is considered a drug in the US and thus requires a doctors prescription to be dispensed. We cannot survive a millisecond without oxygen. So breath as much as you can, deep breathing

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Pyramid | Nutrition

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It is becoming increasingly clear that chronic inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses – including heart disease, many cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease. We all know inflammation on the surface of the body as local redness, heat, swelling and pain. It is the cornerstone of the body’s healing response, bringing more nourishment and more immune activity to a site of injury or infection. But when inflammation persists or serves no purpose, it damages the body and causes illness. Stress, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition, and exposure to toxins (like secondhand tobacco smoke) can all contribute to such chronic inflammation, but dietary choices play a big role as well. Learning how specific foods influence the inflammatory process is the best strategy for containing it and reducing long-term disease risks. (Find more details on the mechanics of the inflammation process and the

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IBD Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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What is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet for IBD?

The IBD-AID was derived from the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and modified with current research on the human microbiome. Research has shown that IBD patients have an imbalance of gut bacteria, which contributes to inflammation.  This diet helps to restore balance between helpful and harmful bacteria while promoting good nutrition. The IBD-AID has three phases to treat flares and progress to the ultimate goal of maintaining remission.  Every day incorporate the four fundamental components on the IBD-AID:

1. Probiotics

  • These are fermented foods that have live bacteria within them, such as plain yogurt, kefir, kimchi, miso, and fermented veggies like sauerkraut.

2. Prebiotics

  • Foods that feed and maintain the good intestinal bacteria.
  • IBD-AID emphasizes the importance of soluble fiber, which helps increase beneficial short chain fatty acids as well as making a gel-like substance to enhance stool consistency and slow gut motility. This
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