“One of the most practical and useful ways to improve your life.” -Deepak Chopra MD

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Cesar R. Molina, MD, FACC

This book goes beyond recommending a diet. It is a book on living: an owners manual based on Ayurveda, the science of life. Follow this simple program and experience satisfaction, steady intellect, soft and lustrous skin and a warm sensation radiating from your abdomen after every meal.

Dr. LeRoy PerryDr. LeRoy Perrychiropractic orthopedist and five-time official Olympic team doctor

A perfect blend of East and West, validated by modern medical research. A breakthrough in transforming the body’s metabolism and thereby enhancing human potential.

William FarleyWilliam FarleyCEO of Zrii, LLC

Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar is one of the great holistic practitioners of our age. The Hot Belly Diet reframes the entire discussion of wellness, weight loss, and what it means to be healthy. Instead of worrying about calories, fat, or going gluten-free, Kshirsagar focuses on the importance of honoring the body’s …

Daniel Vicario MDDaniel Vicario MDDirector, Integrative Oncology
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