Nebraska Medicine study suggests COVID-19 patients likely contaminate their surroundings

jhon pablo

A study released Sunday by Nebraska Medicine/UNMC suggests people with COVID-19 can produce widespread contamination of their environment. The study, based on samples taken from the rooms of COVID-19 patients, does not prove the virus spreads in airborne fashion, according to Nebraska Medicine researchers. The report noted that COVID-19 found in air samples provided only limited evidence that there is the potential for airborne transmission.But the research found high levels of the virus on commonly-used surfaces and in the air of rooms of COVID-19 patients. In a news release, Nebraska Medicine also reported evidence in COVID-19 in air samplers outside of rooms where COVID-19 patients were treated.The study also suggests COVID-19 patients with even mild symptoms may be spread the virus and contaminate surfaces through coughing. “Our findings show how important it is for health care workers providing direct care to these patients to take enhanced transmission precautions,” said John … Read More