NJ dentist resurrects sexy, scandalous Easter Bunny display

jhon pablo

The bawdy bunnies are back.

After his annual sexy Easter Bunny display was ransacked last year by a disgusted neighbor, New Jersey dentist Wayne Gangi vowed to resurrect the racy holiday decorations. And it appears that the randy tooth-technician has made good on his promise — this time doubling the number of eggs-rated mannequins and installing caution tape to deter any future vandals.

Not only that but the 62-year-old Clifton native tells The Post he “put masks on the faces of all the mannequins” to “raise social awareness” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Gangi says the custom originated as “a goof” in Halloween 2001, when he decked out his dental office’s lawn with scandalous mannequins sporting sultry, holiday-themed attire. The titillating tradition sparked controversy in April 2019 when an offended neighbor used scissors to dismantle what she deemed a “disgusting” Easter display featuring dummies in bunny ears, lingerie and fishnets. The

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