Meet The Black Men Making Mental Health Less Taboo

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Mental health has been a perpetual taboo in the Black community, despite the fact that Black adults are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems. 

Millennials, however, are leading the charge to normalize these conversations, in part due to the heightened trauma resulting from racially motivated murders. Pervis Taylor, mental health advocate, author of Surthrival Mode and life coach, says this is a stark contrast to previous generations’ feelings about mental health. 

“I definitely think mental health is more normalized within our community because many of us who are 40 or younger are more in the space of not continuing to suppress,” Taylor says.

Taylor also

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Mercy Health doctor: Simple solutions to tackle ‘maskne’ | Lorain County

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As the state of Ohio continues to tackle the novel coronavirus pandemic with mask wearing a part of the daily lives of Ohioans, some residents are dealing with the unexpected side effects of “maskne.”

A play on words with the skin irritation many people are experiencing due to wearing masks on a daily basis, Dr. Valerie Nemeth, of Mercy Health Vermilion Primary Care, says there are a number of steps people can take to prevent and mitigate the soreness to protect the health of their skin.

The problem is arising from irritation with the mask fabric rubbing against the skin all day in addition to the hot, humid environment making the skin more prone to breakouts, including those who have never experienced acne before.

Wearing a clean mask every day can make a world of difference as far as prevention, Nemeth said.

She encouraged people to make sure to wash

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Milind Soman busts 3 most common myths about health and fitness in new post

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a close up of Milind Soman: Milind Soman busts myths in new post. Photo: Instagram/ Milind Soman

Milind Soman busts myths in new post. Photo: Instagram/ Milind Soman

Milind Soman is one of the healthiest celebrities out there and there is no denying that. Since the lockdown began, the actor has been sharing a lot of tips with his fans and helping them stay fit, physically and mentally.

In his latest post as well, Milind is tackling the subject of health and fitness, and busting some common myths. The supermodel shared a throwback picture from 2018 and captioned it, “#ThrowbackThursday 2018.. 3 myths about health and fitness! Health food is expensive – Truth is eat local and seasonal, its healthiest and cheapest. You need space or a gym to exercise – Truth is bodyweight exercise can make you really fit and can be done at home in a space 8ft by 10ft (sic).”

“You need time to exercise – Truth is micro workouts take 3-4 minutes and

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This One Diet Can Improve Your Heart Health, New Study Says

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The term plant-based is trending all over the place recently. This type of diet focuses on whole foods instead of processed foods and those that contain animal products. It’s pretty simple and straight forward — eating a plant-based diet is eating lots of fruits and vegetables. And this seems pretty healthy, right?

The answer is a little bit more complicated than you might think. According to a recent study published on August 27 by the European Society of Cardiology, a healthy plant-based diet can be good for your heart. It can also lead to normal blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar numbers. However, an unhealthy plant-based diet full of juices, refined grains, chips, and sweets like chocolate (all foods that are technically made of plants), can hurt heart health. This is especially true for more women than men.

RELATED: 6 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Meat Right Now


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Boulevard Fitness in University Heights temporarily closes after long defiance of health orders

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SAN DIEGO — A University Heights gym that remained open for months in defiance of county public health orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily closed, citing the financial burden of mounting, potential fines from the city.

Boulevard Fitness announced to its members in an email dated Wednesday that it would shutter its doors for the foreseeable future, but is working to get in compliance with the county in order to reopen soon.

A letter sent to the gym this week by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office states that the gym was out of compliance for more than 45 days, and that it could be subject to fines of $2,500 per day for each health order violation, in addition to being ordered to close.

A City Attorney’s Office spokeswoman said the case was referred to the office following several warnings and citations from the county that were ignored,

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How microaggressions in health care hurt minorities

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black patient
Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain

Far too often, when Sarah Perren went to a Philadelphia hospital for her regular diabetes care, her doctor gave her dietary recommendations that she never could have afforded. Just stepping into the office made the 59-year-old Black woman feel tense and self-conscious; she sensed that the doctor thought she was just lazy for not following his diet.

One time, another doctor at the clinic literally jumped back when she took off Perren’s socks and saw her dry skin—a frequent consequence of diabetes. The doctor announced that she didn’t want any skin flakes to get onto her clothes.

“I felt it was racial,” the West Philadelphia resident recalled. “You just have a feeling the way they talk to you. That’s when I told myself my health is more important somewhere else.”

She has since established care with another hospital, but still feels the toll of what experts

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New Amazon Halo fitness band is designed to track health

jhon pablo Inc. today jumped into the fitness band market with Halo, a subscription service and fitness band of the same name that is designed to help customers improve their health.

Amazon Halo combines a suite of artificial intelligence-powered health features, including the Amazon Halo App and the Amazon Halo band. That band uses multiple advanced sensors to provide highly accurate health information, the company said. The band stands out from the competition by having no screen, an arguably bold move that Amazon pitches as being comfortable, stylish and distraction-free.

On the tech side, the Halo Band includes an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, two microphones, an LED indicator light and a button to turn the microphones on or off, among other functions. Along with being water-resistant, the device sports a battery that lasts up to seven days and charges in under 90 minutes. For those who like

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Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness opens

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WARRENVILLE — Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness locations in Woodridge and on the campus of Edward Hospital in Naperville are open again, with special measures to keep members safe as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Centers follow COVID-19 guidelines, which include required face coverings, maintaining 6 feet of social distance, capacity limits of to 50%, and temperature checks and COVID-19 screening at entrances. Only members will be allowed, no guests.



The pools have reopened for lap swimming and aqua fitness classes, but reservations for lap swimming are not available — first come is first served. Aerobics and spin classes have modified schedules with a smaller number of people per class. The basketball court is open for solo play only, and racquetball and pickleball are singles play only.

There are still areas of the Fitness Centers that are closed, including child-care areas, sauna/steam room/whirlpools, lounges, water fountains

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Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness open, with safety precautions

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This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

In this time of COVID-19, so many once-regular activities have become question marks, like working out at a gym or fitness center.

After several months of a shutdown due to the pandemic, Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitnesslocations in Woodridge and on the campus of Edward Hospital in Naperville are open again.

While it feels good to get back into a workout routine, it’s also different because of coronavirus.

As long as COVID-19 is a health threat, measures will be in place to keep members safe.

Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Centers follow these COVID-19 guidelines:

  • Face covering is required. Masks must be worn throughout the facility. They can be removed during heavy exertion of exercise, but must be immediately put on when finished.
  • Must maintain 6 feet of social distance
  • Capacity at both sites
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Mediterranean Diet Might Lower Your Odds for Parkinson’s | Health News

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By Amy Norton
HealthDay Reporter


THURSDAY, Aug. 20, 2020 (HealthDay News) — People who eat healthfully may be less likely to develop a constellation of symptoms that can precede Parkinson’s disease, a large new study suggests.

Researchers found that people who closely adhered to a Mediterranean-style diet were about one-third less likely to develop at least three “prodromal” features suggestive of Parkinson’s disease, compared to those who stuck with meat and potatoes.

Prodromal refers to certain symptoms that can arise years before the more obvious movement problems that mark Parkinson’s. They include constipation, depression, body pain, diminished sense of smell, daytime drowsiness, difficulty seeing colors and a tendency to “act out” dreams.

Individually, some of those issues are quite common, said James Beck, chief scientific officer for the nonprofit Parkinson’s Foundation. And it’s unclear, he added, how often combinations of those symptoms foretell Parkinson’s, specifically.

That said, multiple symptoms

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