13 Best Self Tanners for a Healthy Glow

13 Best Self Tanners for a Healthy Glow

Spending lots of time indoors gives you plenty of opportunities to indulge in self-care — but it can also leave you slightly paler than you’d like to be. If you’re not venturing outside too much and are longing for your usual summery faux glow, the answer lies in a quality self tanner.

While self tanner has a reputation for being tricky to apply — it can end up developing unevenly, in streaks or outrageously orange — certain products make it easier than others.

These days, sunless tanners come in tons of formulas: spray mist, mousse, serum, lotion, towelettes and even double-duty tinted moisturizer. Just choose the one that you’re already most comfortable applying (we love a good airbrush-like mist), give yourself a thorough body scrub to slough off dead skin cells, dry your skin completely and then follow the instructions on your chosen bottle.

A few tips: If you have any dry spots from head to toe, dab a bit of moisturizer on them before you apply self tanner. No matter what sunless tanning product you use, wash your hands immediately after applying. (Trust.) And give yourself extra time to let it all dry — don’t rush to do this an hour before you head to the park.

Below, the best self-tanner products to keep you glowing year-round.

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