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Here’s Why Your Skin Feels So Oily All the Time, According to Dermatologists

If you have oily skin, then you know the dread of dealing with that inevitably greasy T-zone by 1:00 p.m.—and the frustration of trying to tamp down the shine.

a close up of a woman: Your diet, hormones, and skincare routine could play a role in excess shine. Dermatologists share the top reasons for oily skin, plus what to do about it.

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Your diet, hormones, and skincare routine could play a role in excess shine. Dermatologists share the top reasons for oily skin, plus what to do about it.

Even though it can feel like you’re plagued to battle adult acne forever, know this: “Having oily skin is not necessarily a bad thing,” explains Tyler Hollmig, M.D., director of Dermatologic Surgery and Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology at Ascension Texas. It protects your skin barrier which locks moisture in, and therefore “can help keep you looking younger as you age.”

That said, excessively oil skin has a laundry list of potential causes—some of which can signal that something is off in your body. More likely than not, a combination

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Apple launches fitness subscription service for just under $80 a year

Apple is launching a fitness subscription service called Fitness+, which for a skosh under $80 a year will give users access to workouts and instruction, plus folds in music, delivered through the Apple Watch or iPad.

Fitness+ will cost $9.99 a month or $79.99 a year. Apple is offering the first three months free with the purchase of a watch. Up to five family members will also be able to use Fitness+ for no additional charge, the company said Tuesday. The service will launch in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the U.K. and the United States before the end of the year.

The launch of Fitness+ builds on the growing number of health metrics already available on the Apple Watch, including heart rate, calories burned, pace and distance. This new service folds in a catalog of video workouts that can be viewed on a user’s iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

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A young mother’s death inspires Austin dentist to open up about her own postpartum depression

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Dr. Seema Desai never met Nima Bhakta, but she remembers the moment she came across a post about her death on social media. 

The California mom, Bhakta, lost her struggle with postpartum depression and died by suicide in July, said her family.

“Reading her story just — it just broke my heart,” said Dr. Desai. “It felt so real. It felt like I was reliving all of the experiences that I had postpartum.”

The young mother’s death helped Desai open up about her own struggle with postpartum.

Dr. Seema Desai said she struggled with postpartum depression after her son’s birth (Courtesy of Seema Desai)

“TRIGGER WARNING!” Dr. Desai started her post on Instagram on August 6. 

There, she explained what she had gone through nearly nine years ago.

“… I didn’t want to hold him. I didn’t want to feed him. I didn’t want to do anything

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The keto weight loss diet could help boost sperm count and quality, according to 2 case reports

Crystal Cox/Business Insider

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Crystal Cox/Business Insider

  • Two new case reports suggest a keto weight loss diet could benefit sperm count and quality in obese men. 
  • Two patients who lost 20 to 60 pounds on the diet saw dramatic improvements in their sperm samples.
  • This is backed by evidence that keto can boost sexual health, but other healthy eating plans like a Mediterranean or DASH diet are also linked to improvements. 
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There’s new evidence that the high-fat, low carb keto diet might have benefits for reproductive health.

In new case reports, two men with obesity who lost weight on a very low calorie keto diet saw significant improvements in both sperm count and quality, according to research from the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, presented at the 2020 European and International Obesity Congress, 

In the first case, the patient lost nearly 60 pounds

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