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13 Best Self Tanners for a Healthy Glow

Spending lots of time indoors gives you plenty of opportunities to indulge in self-care — but it can also leave you slightly paler than you’d like to be. If you’re not venturing outside too much and are longing for your usual summery faux glow, the answer lies in a quality self tanner.

While self tanner has a reputation for being tricky to apply — it can end up developing unevenly, in streaks or outrageously orange — certain products make it easier than others.

These days, sunless tanners come in tons of formulas: spray mist, mousse, serum, lotion, towelettes and even double-duty tinted moisturizer. Just choose the one that you’re already most comfortable applying (we love a good airbrush-like mist), give yourself a thorough body scrub to slough off dead skin cells, dry your skin completely and then follow the instructions on your chosen bottle.

A few tips: If you have

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Core Change fitness studio still adapting since reopening

“There is so much more than fighting this one virus. We need to pay attention to it, but need to think about things to improve our overall lives.”

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — While many small businesses have slowly been reopening over the last few months, it’s still a tough road ahead.

Fitness studios are one group of businesses that are still adapting to the new regulations and change of pace.

Inside the Core Change’s Bearden studio, the whir of music and machines is an encouraging sound for owner Lacey Robinette.

“It’s definitely been tricky, opening a small business then only having six months to get it off the ground, then being shut down completely. We have certainly felt the impact,” Robinette said.

She’s one of many small business owners trying to get back on their feet during the coronavirus pandemic.

“There’s obviously a lot of nervousness and unknown around COVID and

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Lloyd Cadena dreamed of becoming a dentist, Kimpoy Feliciano reveals

Lloyd Cadena et al. posing for the camera: Lloyd Cadena and Kimpoy Feliciano

Lloyd Cadena and Kimpoy Feliciano

“Maiksi lang ang buhay.”

This is what Lloyd Cadena told Kimpoy Feliciano in what turned out to be one of their final conversations ever.

On Facebook, Kimpoy shared screencaps of their messages to each other, and said that Lloyd had wanted to become a dentist once the quarantine was lifted.


The two internet celebrities were talking about their dream careers; Kimpoy said wanted to become a pilot, while Lloyd said he always wanted to become a dentist.

“Aral tayo!” Lloyd said. “Mag-eenroll ako if ever na buhay pa ako after this ECQ.”

“Gusto ko maging dentista. ‘Yon talaga ang gusto kong course,” he added.

He then encouraged Kimpoy to follow his dreams of becoming a pilot as well.

“Go for it! Habang may panahon pa. Maiksi lang ang buhay. Dapat gawin natin lahat ng gusto natin,” he said. “Search for your purpose.”

“Kaya kapag mabuhay

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Watch The Assist | How Dwyane Wade’s Chef Created His NBA Diet | GQ Video


In 2005 that was really that turning point for us.


I explained to Dwayne it’s gonna come a time


you’re gonna see that your body


is not gonna respond the way that you want it to


because of the deficiency of vegetables


that you’re not willing to consume.


When Dwayne got hurt he came to me


and he said, Chef, I think I may want to try a salad,


My name is Richard Ingraham.


I am the CEO of ChefRLI and I have been


the personal chef for Dwayne Wade


and Gabrielle Union for the past 17 years.


I would describe Dwayne’s tastes


as he loves comfort food.


The things that Dwayne was eating when I first started,


he would eat Little Debbie’s snack cakes,


the oatmeal cream pies.


One of his

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