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Dermatologist Recommends Using Neem Oil For Skin Problems, Know Other Neem Oil Benefits

Neem oil is one of the most beneficial natural oils that we have on Earth. Neem tree is a powerhouse of medicinal ingredients where every part of the tree is good for health. Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the neem fruit which has special mentions in the Ayurveda. This is one of those oils that Ayurveda swears by for various remedies. It possesses antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties that make it great for the skin. Dr. Nivedita Dadu, Dermatologist, Founder and Chairman of Dadu Skin Clinic explains the benefits of neem oil for skin.

Why and how neem oil is useful for skin problem?

In Dr. Dadu’s words, “Neem oil Contains many healthy elements like vitamin E, essential fatty acids and has antioxidants, antiseptic properties. It also consists of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which are helpful to cure many skin related problems. Vitamin E present

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Fitness studio class vs. gym workouts: Is one safer than the other?


Fitness studios are getting creative to protect people in group workout classes, but is it enough?

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Gyms and fitness studios are opening up around the country, but some remain closed indefinitely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The ones that are open are required to follow strict guidelines put into place by health and local authorities, like limiting capacity, doing temperature checks at the door and enforcing social distancing rules to curb COVID-19 spread. Even then, some people still worry about safety in gyms and fitness studios in the wake of a pandemic.

In New York City, gyms were recently given the green-light to reopen, but fitness studios were not. For many people, and studio owners, this raised the question: are fitness studios any less safe than gyms, even if they can uphold the same safety measures and safety precautions? 

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Hoverboard-riding dentist sentenced to 12 years in prison

  • An Alaska dentist who pulled a woman’s tooth while riding a hoverboard has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for fraud, embezzlement, and “unlawful dental acts.”
  • The video was part of prosecutors’ case against Seth Lookhart, who was found guilty of defrauding his customers by administering unnecessary procedures to rack up Medicare charges. 
  • Prosecutors are seeking $2.2 million in damanges, and Lookhart could also permanently lose his medical license in the state.
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An Alaska dentist who was videotaped pulling a woman’s tooth while riding a hoverboard is now facing jail time after he was found guilty by an Alaska court.

Seth Lookhart went viral when the video surfaced as part of an investigation into his Anchorage dental practice last year. In the 2016 video, Lookhart rolls up to a sedated patient, pulls her tooth while standing on the hoverboard, and rolls away.

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Trial finds introducing gluten into diet early may prevent celiac disease

The results of a long-term clinical trial have found carefully introducing gluten into an infant’s diet from the age of four months could reduce their risk of developing celiac disease. The trial only offers preliminary evidence of this association, and the researchers stress larger trials are necessary before any broader dietary recommendations are suggested.

Around 10 years ago, a large dietary intervention study commenced in the United Kingdom investigating whether introducing certain foods to infants early could prevent the development of allergies. Called the Enquiring About Tolerance (EAT) study, more than 1,000 infants were enrolled.

Half were randomly allocated to a control group exclusively breastfed until six months of age, as per the current general recommendations. The other half, the introduction group, consumed small volumes of six allergenic foods from the age of three months, alongside breast milk.

Milk, egg, peanut, sesame, fish and wheat were the six allergens studied.

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