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Lincoln police to lodge more charges against dentist accused of sex assault; dental license suspended

a person sitting in a chair: John Begg (Lincoln police photo)

© Provided by Providence Journal
John Begg (Lincoln police photo)

A Lincoln dentist who was arrested Sept. 10 on charges he sexually assaulted a patient faces more charges, according to the Lincoln Police Department.

The police have received additional complaints against John F. Begg, 85, and are charging him with two additional counts of second-degree sexual assault, according to police Capt. Philip Gould.

Meanwhile, the Rhode Island Department of Health has suspended Begg’s license, according to a spokesman.


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The Police Department received the complaints after it issued a news release Thursday on Begg’s arrest on a charge of sexual assault. That charge was lodged after a 68-year-old patient accused the dentist of groping her during an office visit on Aug. 31. The victim was not anesthetized, according to Gould.

Begg lives in Newport but owns and operates a dental practice at 246 Front St. in Lincoln, according to

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What is the Rainbow Diet and why should you try it? Lifestyle expert Dr Rashmi Rai opines

Our lifestyle in this fast-paced era leads to leading a nutrient-deficient diet. We rely on restaurants and fast food to a large extent. At times, our intake of caffeine and sugars is exceedingly high. It is during such times, that we need to review our eating habits, introduce healthy changes and do away with unhealthy foods. 

The ‘Rainbow Diet’ is a nutrient-dense diet that demands us to include fruits and vegetables of all colours. This colourful diet helps build a stronger immune system, helps your body fight existing diseases, and ensures optimum intake of minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Let’s dive into what constitutes the Rainbow Diet and what are the benefits of each of these foods.

Red and Pink

Red fruits and vegetables just like its colour helps with healthy heart, healthy blood vessels and healthy skin. It contains powerful nutrients like phytochemicals that are known for their

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8 Potential Benefits of Collagen

Who would have thought that a substance found in bones and skin could become the need-to-have supplement? We’re talking collagen.

“Collagen is a type of protein that plays an important role in building and supporting many tissues, from bones and cartilage to skin, hair, eyes, and the digestive system,” says Sonya Angelone, RDN, who practices in San Francisco and is a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

When you take a collagen supplement or eat foods rich in collagen, you are consuming collagen that comes from an animal, explains Ryanne Lachman, RDN, a functional medicine dietitian at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Collagen peptides are often sold in powdered or capsule form, and collagen can also be consumed in bone broth.

As with any supplement, there are potential side effects.

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While collagen is generally safe, you should always talk to your healthcare team before

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A Dentist Sees More Cracked Teeth. What’s Going On?

So what can we do?

You’d be surprised how many people are unaware that they’re clenching and grinding. Even patients who come into the office complaining of pain and sensitivity are often incredulous when I point it out. “Oh, no. I don’t grind my teeth,” is a refrain I hear over and over again, despite the fact that I’m often watching them do it.

Awareness is key. Are your teeth currently touching? Even as you read this article? If so, that’s a sure sign that you’re doing some damage — your teeth shouldn’t actually touch throughout the day at all unless you’re actively eating and chewing your food. Instead, your jaw should be relaxed, with a bit of space between the teeth when the lips are closed. Be mindful, and try to stop yourself from grinding when you catch yourself doing it.

If you have a night guard or retainer,

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One tiny change could help you stick to your diet

Searching for a healthier choice at the grocery store? Look out for food items featuring “front of package” (FOP) nutritional information. Not only are these products usually healthier, but they also appear to motivate their competitors to use healthier ingredients/portions as well.

According to a new study from North Carolina State University, the adoption of these front-facing nutritional labels is associated with better nutritional quality for those foods – and even their competitors.

If you’ve spent any time in a supermarket or convenience store over the past few years you’ve seen some FOP labels. Foods with these labels still include the full spectrum of traditional nutritional information on the back of their packaging, but also feature a few nutritional facts on the front as well. FOP labels are part of “Facts Up Front,” a completely voluntary food industry initiative to be more transparent about ingredients and nutritional quality.

More specifically,

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20 Ways to Increase Collagen in Your Face

In search of smooth skin, you’ll hear a lot of chatter about “boosting collagen,” but what does that mean exactly? “Collagen is the main structural protein in the skin, which acts like scaffolding and provides volume so the skin is smooth and wrinkle-free,” explains Jennifer Chwalek, MD, board-certified dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City.

Environmental factors like sun exposure and pollution can break down collagen, making it more likely you’ll see wrinkles staring back at you in the mirror, says New York City–based board-certified dermatologist Marisa Garshick, MD. Age is a major factor, too. “As you get older, collagen production decreases so the skin can also appear thinner and have less structural support, which is why people begin to notice drooping or sagging of their skin,” she says.

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Collagen loss begins in the early twenties, says Dr. Garshick, making

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Global Wellness Summit Adds C. Victor Brick, Fitness Industry Thought Leader and Mental Health Philanthropist, to Its Advisory Board

Brick brings over 35 years of success in the fitness industry and a long-standing personal commitment to promoting the integration of wellness modalities into the treatment of mental health issues to the GWS Advisory Board

MIAMI, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), the foremost gathering of international leaders in the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy, today announced the appointment of C. Victor Brick, CEO of Planet Fitness Growth Partners (PFGP) and chairman of the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation, to its 12-person advisory board. The 14th annual Summit will take place at The Breakers Palm Beach, FL, from November 8–11, 2020.

As an advisory board member, Brick is looking forward to helping the GWS further extend its reach and impact within the $109 billion fitness industry . In addition, he believes that the pandemic has accelerated the need for all industries—especially those involved

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OMRF, OU Medicine team up to create local COVID-19 test

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The COVID-19 pandemic forced a testing supply shortage across the country early on. 

Oklahomans saw that firsthand months ago, when our state simply did not have enough COVID-19 tests to go around. 

Doctors tell KFOR that clinical laboratories across the US were all trying to get their hands on the same testing supplies at the same time. 

“We felt like the test needed to be out there and we were having trouble getting reagents for the normal tests” said Joel Guthridge, with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. 

So researchers with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation teamed up with OU Medicine to come up with a way to create a test right here in our state. 

They say they also partnered with the Fluidigm Corporation.

“We had equipment that we thought would be ideal for this,” said Guthridge. 

The unique equipment helped to create a local COVID-19

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Alaskan dentist who extracted a patient’s tooth on a hoverboard sentenced to 12 years in jail

a man standing in a room: Dr. Seth Lookhart is seen in a video riding a hoverboard while performing a dental procedure.

© Provided by Knoxville WVLT-TV
Dr. Seth Lookhart is seen in a video riding a hoverboard while performing a dental procedure.

(CNN) A former dentist who was filmed extracting a patient’s tooth while standing on a hoverboard has been sentenced to 12 years in jail, according to a statement from the Alaska Department of Law.

Seth Lookhart, 35, was convicted on 46 felony and misdemeanor counts in January, including medical assistance fraud, scheme to defraud, illegal practice of dentistry and reckless endangerment.

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton sentenced Lookhart on Monday to serve 20 years in jail with eight years suspended, the statement said. That means Lookhart will serve 12 years behind bars. He also cannot practice dentistry during his 10 years of probation.

Lookhart apologized for his actions while reading from a prepared statement.

“Looking back, I can’t say exactly when I began to go off course,” he

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Puyallup Health & Fitness | Puyallup, WA Patch


It’ll take time and analysis to know for sure, but health officials say the virus is likely to be the USA’s third largest cause of death.

Pierce County: COVID-19 Appears To Be 'Among Top Causes Of Death'


In fact, some forecasts show conditions becoming worse on Wednesday as smoke from Oregon wildfires blows north.

WA Smoke Forecast: Scattered Showers Will Not Improve Air Quality


Graham, Orting Valley and South Pierce firefighters have all been called to a house engulfed in flame on 276th St E.

Firefighters Respond To Spanaway House Fire


College football is cancelled and the governor issues new pandemic guidelines for religious services. Catch up on the latest developments.

Washington Reports 19 Deaths, 477 New Coronavirus Cases


Puyallup High’s baseball team has announced it will retire Eli Sevener’s jersey in his memory.

2019 Puyallup Grad Dies After Hospitalization For Coronavirus

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