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Watch The Assist | How Dwyane Wade’s Chef Created His NBA Diet | GQ Video


In 2005 that was really that turning point for us.


I explained to Dwayne it’s gonna come a time


you’re gonna see that your body


is not gonna respond the way that you want it to


because of the deficiency of vegetables


that you’re not willing to consume.


When Dwayne got hurt he came to me


and he said, Chef, I think I may want to try a salad,


My name is Richard Ingraham.


I am the CEO of ChefRLI and I have been


the personal chef for Dwayne Wade


and Gabrielle Union for the past 17 years.


I would describe Dwayne’s tastes


as he loves comfort food.


The things that Dwayne was eating when I first started,


he would eat Little Debbie’s snack cakes,


the oatmeal cream pies.


One of his

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The keto weight loss diet could help boost sperm count and quality, according to 2 case reports

Crystal Cox/Business Insider

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Crystal Cox/Business Insider

  • Two new case reports suggest a keto weight loss diet could benefit sperm count and quality in obese men. 
  • Two patients who lost 20 to 60 pounds on the diet saw dramatic improvements in their sperm samples.
  • This is backed by evidence that keto can boost sexual health, but other healthy eating plans like a Mediterranean or DASH diet are also linked to improvements. 
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There’s new evidence that the high-fat, low carb keto diet might have benefits for reproductive health.

In new case reports, two men with obesity who lost weight on a very low calorie keto diet saw significant improvements in both sperm count and quality, according to research from the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, presented at the 2020 European and International Obesity Congress, 

In the first case, the patient lost nearly 60 pounds

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Self-Imposed Obstacles That Ensure Failure

Gordon G. Andrew is Founder of Highlander Consulting Inc., a New Jersey-based firm that helps clients to create, grow and keep customers.

There are practical reasons diet companies and national gym chains spend most of their advertising budgets within two seasonal windows: in advance of the new year, when people make their annual resolutions, and in springtime, when beachgoers face the prospect of wearing a bathing suit in public.

Despite best intentions, many people who join gyms in January are likely to drop out in February, and many other new members will drop out within the next few months. Countless research studies also suggest that many people who lose weight will regain all of those pounds within a year, and likely add more.

There are valid social and physiological reasons most people don’t do the things necessary to maintain their personal health and fitness. On their journeys, they

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If Your Diet Isn’t Working, Try the Anti-Diet Instead

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Diet culture is scary. Even the word “diet” can send a shiver up our spine. We’ve been conditioned to believe that dieting is all about cutting out our favorite foods, tedious meal-prepping, never ordering out, working out every day and pushing through the hardships rather than enjoying the ride. And if our results don’t look the same as someone else’s? Automatic failure.

It’s time we all expand our definition of good health. It doesn’t have to mean just one thing. We’re all different people, after all. And that’s exactly why the “anti-diet” is starting to make waves. What if, instead of focusing so much on weight loss and a body that’s impossible without Photoshop, there were a different way to approach a long-term lifestyle change

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This Guy Tried the Diet Tom Ellis Used to Get Shredded for Lucifer

Actor Tom Ellis has been playing the devil himself on the supernatural drama Lucifer since 2016, but the last couple of years have seen him get even more ripped for the role, thanks to a suitably hellish workout routine and diet. In honor of the fifth season of Lucifer dropping on Netflix, YouTuber Aseel Soueid recently decided to spend 24 hours following the meal plan that Tom Ellis used to help him get into devilishly good shape for the role.

The first meal of the day is a hearty one: a 5-egg omelet with an extra 5 egg whites, filled with mushrooms, onions and peppers. This is swiftly followed by the second meal/snack, 2 servings of almonds.

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The third meal of the day is a pretty classic pre-workout meal: boneless, 8 ounces of cooked skinless chicken breast with brown rice and salad. After getting

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The Game Changers Talk Going Plant-Based

In 2019, people from around the world tuned in The Game Changers, a documentary that follows an array of elite athletes that have transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle. Throughout the film, competitors like bodybuilding champion Arnold Schwarzenegger, cyclist Dotsie Bausch, boxer Bryant Jennings, and linebacker Lou Smith and more discuss how making the switch to a plant-based diet has changed their lives, enhanced their athletic performance, and improved their recovery times.

These athletes are not alone. In recent years, plant-based diets have been on the rise as more people are exploring the benefits of incorporating more plants into their meals. Studies show that benefits have included everything from weight loss, to lower blood pressure, an 82% reduction in heart disease. And, as the movement has caught on, everyone from Bill Clinton to Oprah, Beyonce, and Natalie Portman have pledged to go more plant-based.

What is a plant-based

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A Bodybuilder Shared What 4 Years of Eating Vegan Did to His Body

It wasn’t too long ago that there was a widely held consensus that eating meat was the only way to get enough protein into your body for building muscle and seeing true gains. That way of thinking is slowly changing, thanks in part to the growing number of bodybuilders and athletes who are crediting a vegan diet with helping them achieve peak performance.

Rob, a British bodybuilder and coach, has been vegan for four years. In a recent YouTube video, he shared the results of his DEXA scan, which accurately measures body fat and muscle, and broke down exactly what kind of impact a plant-based diet has had on his body.

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Body fat

After four years on the vegan diet, Rob has a body fat percentage of 13.7. “That’s certainly higher than I was expecting,” he says. “That means of my 85 kilos, I

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The F-Factor Diet Is Getting Major Backlash from Dietitians

More than a decade before the keto diet and its emphasis on healthy fats took a stronghold in the nutrition scene, another diet with laser-focus on a single nutrient was stealing the hearts (and stomachs) of those looking to lose weight: the F-Factor diet. 

a close up of a person holding food: Francesco Carta fotografo/Getty

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Francesco Carta fotografo/Getty

Created by Tanya Zuckerbrot, M.S., R.D. in 2007 alongside the publication of her groundbreaking book of the same name, the F-Factor Diet is rooted in the idea that fiber (a bioavailable type of carbohydrate) is the ~magic key~ to losing weight without ever having to feel hungry. The diet focuses on consuming high-fiber carbs (think: lots of beans and legumes; veggies like beets, broccoli, and cauliflower; fruits like apples, berries, and oranges; whole-wheat bread instead of white) and lean protein — a combo meant to help you feel full more quickly while consuming fewer calories, according to the program’s

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Is a Low-Protein Diet Healthy? Here’s What Dietitians Think

While the only traveling I’ve done during quarantine is from my bedroom to the couch, Netflix’s Down To Earth With Zac Efron is at least providing a little window into life in more exciting, distant locales. (And I mean, Zac Efron is the tour guide, so there’s that.)

In episode four, Efron travels down to Sardinia, Italy, one of the world’s five Blue Zones. In these regions, people regularly live to be over 100 and in good health; Sardinia itself houses 10 times more centenarians per capita than the U.S. So Efron spent his trip gaining some insight into what exactly makes Sardinians so darn healthy.

The most shocking fact he learned was that, compared to how we eat here in the States, Sardinians have a low-protein diet, tending to cap their intake at 50 grams a day. To compare, the average American is supposed to eat 75 grams of

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This One Diet Can Improve Your Heart Health, New Study Says

The term plant-based is trending all over the place recently. This type of diet focuses on whole foods instead of processed foods and those that contain animal products. It’s pretty simple and straight forward — eating a plant-based diet is eating lots of fruits and vegetables. And this seems pretty healthy, right?

The answer is a little bit more complicated than you might think. According to a recent study published on August 27 by the European Society of Cardiology, a healthy plant-based diet can be good for your heart. It can also lead to normal blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar numbers. However, an unhealthy plant-based diet full of juices, refined grains, chips, and sweets like chocolate (all foods that are technically made of plants), can hurt heart health. This is especially true for more women than men.

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