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Top popular diets for last week based on FatSecret member registrations:

Weight Watchers was founded in the 1960s and is one of the longest running and well known diet programs. …


The concept of a Mediterranean diet came from the work of Ancel Keys in the 1950s where he began to …

Founded in 1983 in Australia by an overweight mum, Jenny Craig is now a worldwide commercial weight loss …


In 1972, Dr Robert Atkins (1930-2003) generated much controversy in the scientific world by claiming …

The LA Weight Loss company first began in 1989, and their website reports there are now more than 900 …


The Hacker’s Diet book was written by John Walker and is intended primarily for busy, successful …

The diet was popularized in the mid 70s and the program gained prominence following the publication by …


The Curves weight loss program sprang from the Curves fitness franchise, a worldwide operation dedicated …

Sugar Busters was created in 1995 by a former CEO and three physicians – a cardiothoracic surgeon, e …


David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief for Men’s Health magazine, published “The Abs Diet” in 2004. Since …

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customized diets that FatSecret members are following:

Healthy Eating – The Diet for Life

by patriotnuring13

This is not to be used temporarily to lose weight. This is the way you should be eating. I am not a dietitian! However I am educated to an extent in nutrition.

Tamaleck’s Change of Lifestyle

by tamalecks

Changing the way I eat and what I eat to obtain maximum weight loss. Including exercise (treadmill, tricycle).

HealthyAndrea’s own diet

by HealthyAndrea

Metabolism Miracle, author Diane Kress. Met B: low carb, no sugar, high protein, lots of veggies.

Always On The Go

by kmesiab

Eat healthy even when you don’t have time to prepare elaborate recipes. This is not a diet. Get clearer skin, feel lighter, think sharper, gain energy and never feel hungry.

Low Calorie LCHF Diet

by 7to6

Ketogenic and low calorie.

Randypanz’s own diet

by Randypanz

A healthy eating approach to weight loss following a low carb, high protein balanced diet. Trying to hit a 2:1 ratio of protein to carbs.

KingsChild’s own diet

by KingsChild

KingsChild’s own custom fatsecret diet


by soccermom23boys

soccermom23boys’s own custom fatsecret diet

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