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Our dentists are here to treat you and your whole family with the patient-focused oral health treatments you deserve!

At Farnham Dentistry our purpose is to help you maintain the best oral health and to love your smile.

As our patient, you will receive personalized care designed to help you achieve your goal of a healthy and radiant smile that you’re proud to show off.

If you’re looking for a dentist that you can trust, schedule your appointment today, and let us show you why hundreds of others have already become patients for life.

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Holistic Care In One Office

A picture of the dentists in the Farnham family.

Our training and knowledge allow our Jacksonville dentists to perform the majority of dental procedures from our one Jacksonville Florida office.

The Farnham dentists’ expertise covers many advanced procedures that would normally require outside dentist referrals. Including, cosmetic, restorative, pediatric and emergency care.

This complete care helps limit and often prevent the need for visiting multiple dental offices in Jacksonville, saving you time and money!

Relaxing Environment For Your Whole Family

We take special care in creating an office environment that is safe and comfortable for all ages.

We understand how busy life can be and will work with you to schedule appointments that are convenient for you and that allow you bring in your whole family at the same time.

We’ve made a commitment to be on-time for our appointments and to always opt for gentle, pain-free procedures.

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Our dental practice is conveniently located.

Our office is conveniently located 3 minutes from I-295 on San Jose Blvd making it an ideal location for residents of the surrounding areas, including:

No matter where you’re coming from in Jacksonville Florida, Farnham Dentistry is the dental office for you!

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Meet Dr. MacKenzie Farnham

I’m Dr. MacKenzie Farnham, my patients kindly refer to me as Dr. Mac, and I practice here in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida.

My parents started this practice back in the early ’80s, when San Jose Blvd was only two lanes. I loved seeing them work as dentists when I was growing up.

They would always tell me, “Look for something where you can help people, and where you can do what you enjoy.” What I’ve come to learn is that dentistry checks both of those boxes for me. And I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to carry the torch.

Dr. MacKenzie Farnham
Dr MacKenzie with Nugget in front of a lake

When I’m not in the dental office, I love to be outdoors.

Growing up here in Jacksonville, Florida, I took to the water like a fish and love to go surfing.

Most times I take my dog with me, I’ve got a black lab, her name is Nugget. She pretty much comes with me everywhere, and she also likes coming to the dental office and working from time to time.

For the past five years, I’ve been leading a mission trip of dentists down to El Salvador every summer.

Down there not only do we provide acute dental care to the population, but more importantly we provide oral hygiene instruction. That’s one of the most rewarding parts of this profession, in my opinion.

It’s our job and our responsibility as dentists to share that information with our patients.

Dr. MacKenzie working in El Salvador.

Farnham Dentistry business cards

In our practice, we’re trying to get away from single tooth dentistry.

As opposed to fixing one broken tooth at a time, as it happens, we would love to prevent those things from occurring in the first place. The best way to do this is to create a healthy foundation for the mouth.

In dentistry, we utilize our creativity to create healthy smiles. A nice union of science and art in what we do.

I truly like dentistry. We’re able to take people out of pain, we’re able to deliver beautiful smiles. We’re helping people every day. It changes their lives.Dr. Mac

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