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Fitness Beyond Exercise


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KT3 Fitness

Kyle Huebner, owner and personal trainer of KT3 Fitness in Fulton, Illinois, came on PSL to talk about the backstory and unique philosophy of his business.

Huebner, a young personal trainer, partnered with his best friend (Tanner Courtney), and they decided to venture off and create their own business. As for the name–K stands for Kyle, T is for Tanner, and 3 references physical, mental, and emotional strength. The business philosophy is that fitness is about more than being in shape. It’s about building relationships, mental clarity, stress relief, and, of course, better health.

KT3 Fitness got its start in 2016 in a very small building with only 2 clients. In 2020, it has grown into a 10,000-square-foot facility with over 550 members! The owners’ faith has always been at the forefront of what they do saying that “God has always provided and advanced this place far faster than we could’ve imagined”. Tanner is currently been serving the U.S.A. in the Navy since 2017 and that means Kyle has been running the day-to-day business and is the sole owner. KT3 offers fitness opportunities for ALL people and have trainers here to help others reach goals. It is Fulton’s only gym and offers 24-hour access to all members, plus a multitude of class options.

KT3 Fitness / 912 4th Street / Fulton, IL / Tel: (563) 219-2187

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