Hawthorne Dentist | Cosmetic Dentist Hawthorne

Hawthorne Dentist | Cosmetic Dentist Hawthorne

At South Bay Dental Studio, our Hawthorne dentist, Dr. Yashari provides a full selection of dental services to area patients. Restorative, cosmetic and other treatments are offered in the same place, simplifying dental care for patients. Dr. Yashari is adept in the latest techniques for giving patients the dental care they deserve. With a personalized approach and numerous options for patients who worry about dental treatment, South Bay Dental Studio is a premier destination for oral care, comfort and functionality.

Dr. Yashari provides preventive and restorative treatments for patients to help them stay healthy and avoid complications of dental problems. At routine check-ups at South Bay Dental Studio, patients receive digital X-rays for close examination of their teeth. Thorough cleanings are performed, and fluoride treatments can be used to strengthen teeth. Fillings, inlays, onlays and crowns may be recommended to repair teeth that have been damaged by cavities or physical trauma.

Cosmetic Dentist Hawthorne

Our Hawthorne cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yashari, can give patients an amazing smile with any of several available cosmetic procedures. Patients whose teeth are stained due to smoking or consumption of coffee, soft drinks or wine may benefit from our professional teeth whitening services. Physical flaws and heavy discoloration can be concealed permanently with porcelain veneers, which also protect teeth. A variety of other options are available to address specific cosmetic flaws.

At South Bay Dental Studio, patients will find a host of treatments targeted at other orofacial conditions. Sleep apnea and TMJ, for example, can be treated by Dr. Yashari using the latest dental methods. Patients who have lost teeth can obtain replacement with dental implants, removable dentures or ceramic bridge-supported crowns. Infected teeth can be saved with root canal treatment, and several conditions can be treated with oral surgery on site by our dentist in Hawthorne.

Comfortable treatment in a broad range of dental specialties is available at South Bay Dental Studio. With unique treatment plans created for patients, our style of care addresses all aspects of oral health for individuals. Personal consultations with Dr. Yashari, our cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne, can be scheduled to learn more about treatment at South Bay Dental Studio.


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