Public Health | Health Services

Public Health | Health Services

Animal Shelter

The Sonoma County Animal Shelter is committed to serving the public in the care and well being of animals, both domestic and livestock, throughout the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County, the city of Santa Rosa and the town of Windsor.

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Disease Control Surveillance & Response

Disease Control Unit

The Disease Control unit is responsible for the investigation of outbreaks of communicable diseases, surveillance of reportable diseases, and provision of educational materials and services to assist communities in reducing the incidence of communicable diseases.

Public Health Regional Laboratory

Provides specimen testing services to the counties of Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake and Humboldt in Northern California, training and reference testing to clinical laboratories, and laboratory support for diagnosis and control of communicable diseases to private medical providers.

Office of Vital Statistics

Provides birth and death certificates, medical marijuana identification cards, permits for disposition of human remains, and data for communicable disease reporting.

Public Health Preparedness

Planning and putting in place programs to respond quickly and effectively to threats endangering the health of the public.

Emergency Medical Services Oversight

Coastal Valleys EMS Agency

Provides oversight to the emergency medical care delivery system in Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

Family Health

  • Affordable Care Act Notice
  • California Children Services
    If your child has a catastrophic or serious medical condition, this program may be able to provide financial assistance and coordinate health care services.
  • Child Health and Disability Prevention
    Provides complete health assessments for the early detection and prevention of disease and disability in children and youth, offered at no cost to families that meet eligibility criteria.
  • HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention Program
    The program coordinates planning and evaluation for HIV prevention activities, and coordinates planning, development and evaluation for the local HIV prevention programs.
  • Injury Prevention Program
    Conducts countywide projects aimed at reducing unintentional injuries among children.
  • Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program
    The mission of the Maternal, Child, Adolescent Health program is to promote the physical, social and emotional health of childbearing women, children, adolescents and their families in Sonoma County.
  • Women, Infants, Children (WIC)
    WIC is a supplemental nutrition program that helps mothers and young children eat well and stay healthy.

Healthy Communities

The mission of Healthy Communities is to provide comprehensive, coordinated services in partnership with the community that support healthy societal and behavioral choices for the people of Sonoma County.

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention

The Alcohol and Other Drug Program works in concert with local community based organizations, community partners, and government agencies to promote a healthy Sonoma County. The program uses a continuum of prevention strategies to support overall community well-being through the prevention of alcohol and drug use.

Coalition for a Tobacco-free Sonoma County

Comprised of various community-based organizations involved in community health education against tobacco use.

Nutrition and Physical Activity Program

Program staff members are involved in several collaborative projects aimed at increasing the activity level and encouraging healthy eating among Sonoma County residents.

Tobacco and Nicotine Prevention

Public Health uses Proposition 99 tobacco tax funds to conduct tobacco control activities, including the Tobacco Education Program, Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Sonoma County, and the Sonoma County Peer Leaders Advocating for Teens (SPLAT).

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