Sonam Kapoor posing for the camera: Sonam Kapoor (Photo Courtesy: Instagram/@sonamkapoor)

© Anjali Thakur | Lifestyle Staff
Sonam Kapoor (Photo Courtesy: Instagram/@sonamkapoor)

Just last week, actor Sonam Kapoor shared with her fans her struggle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). She revealed that she has been suffering from this syndrome from the age of 14. In her latest Instagram post, Sonam penned what she eats in a day and the choices she makes to curb PCOS. The actor thanked her fans for the overwhelming response to her previous PCOS video. She said that the words of encouragement have pushed her to make Chapter 2 of her PCOS series: My PCOS Diet. She wrote, “Usually my food intake consists of everything natural, fresh and local. Wherever I am, I make sure I indulge in the produce that is locally and freshly available. A handful of berries with coconut yogurt is my go-to option for breakfast. This coupled with a cup of either spearmint or green tea and a bowl of greens keeps me energised on long days! Like I mentioned, your PCOS diet needs to be crafted by a professional dietician who knows about your struggles and pains. What’s on your plate, these days? Tell me if you’re struggling with PCOS, what do you indulge in?” Sonam posted. In the video, she said that the actor is off dairy and refined sugar. Watch the Video: Sonam in the earlier video shared that she has managed her PCOS by exercising regularly, doing yoga, and avoid sugar.