Stan Efferding’s The Vertical Diet

Stan Efferding’s The Vertical Diet

  • I ordered more than 30 meals from you, and I
    just ate my first one in the patrol car. It was the
    breakfast scramble. The taste and quality were
    amazing, and I am very picky. These are worth
    the money and a game changer for someone
    like me with an insanely busy schedule with kids
    and work. We get called out to work after our
    regular hours several times a week because of
    violent crimes. For me to have healthy quality
    meals ready 24/7 changes everything. Thank you

  • The convenience for someone like me who is now driving over
    an hour to work every day Is crucial! […] After using your meal
    preps for 2 meals a day, I found that I was starting to get light
    headed after my workouts. […] I began monitoring my blood
    pressure more closely. I had dropped 10 additional points from
    when I had started my medication! So I gave a trial off my
    Lisinopril. […] My digestion and my energy was improving, and
    I was recovering from workouts so much faster! I’m fully on the
    Vertical Diet now and I’m loving it!!!

    Your methods have freed me from a life on medication and
    that’s why I want to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!

  • The Vertical Diet is a miracle cure. My wife and I have
    been trying to start a family for the last 3 years. Finally
    I got tested last year and found I have a super low count
    (less then a million). February 2nd of this year I had a
    count of 0.8 million. In 3 months, my count shot up to
    15 Million which is allowing us to be an excellent
    candidate for IVF and finally start a family. The Vertical

    Diet is literally the only thing I have changed.
    Life Changer!

  • So quick check on the Vertical Diet Stan! You’ve talked
    a lot about insulin sensitivity and as a Type 1 diabetic
    I’d been hesitant to trust in it fully bc I thought I knew
    my body and all of the ins and outs of it pretty well.
    But in the two months I have been on the Vertical Diet,
    I’ve saved about $200 a Month on Insulin because I
    have to buy less. My grams of carbs:cc of insulin ratio
    is up bc my body uses the insulin more effectively.
    I’m loving it man, thanks a ton

  • Hey Stan, today marks my third week on the Vertical
    Diet and I just wanted to give people some good
    feedback. This thing is insanely satisfying, I’ve lost
    15 lbs. in just three weeks and I’ve never felt so full
    of energy and drive before, I had to tighten my lifting
    belt for the first time in years and training has
    never felt better. I’m only three weeks in but it is
    super exciting to see such good results! I am beyond
    excited to see how the next months will go!

  • Hi, I started your Vertical Diet about two weeks ago
    now and I have never felt so amazing!! I had a baby
    14 months ago and this is the first time in months
    that I have FINALLY gotten through my plateau and
    have already lost 3.5 lbs and have gotten stronger
    in all my lifts! It’s good to be on a meal plan and
    actually have enough energy to last all damn day.
    You da man Stan!

  • Yo Stan, at first I thought The Vertical Diet was just
    another fad trend that had no science to back it up.
    I was wrong. I’m currently a month in and feel like a
    GOD. Not only have all my lifts gone up but my energy
    expenditure feels like it is through the roof. This is
    the first time a diet has been able to do something
    like this ur a legend. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!!!!!!

  • I weighed st my gym around 6 after football practice
    and I was 349!!! I started at 370!! My Wife was amazed
    and said she hasn’t seen me at that weight since 2009,
    I can’t thank you enough for putting a plan out there
    that people like me can follow. The Vertical Diet has
    and will save my life!! I’ve been on for 5 weeks,
    again thank you!

  • Just got my first shipment of meals.
    I’m currently at work enjoying the
    salmon. Amazing quality, freshness
    and taste. 10/10 for me! Thank You!!

  • Canadian cop, lifter, indy pro wrestler here. In all my
    years of dieting – I have never been so content. My
    digestive tract has NEVER been this efficient and
    happy. Easy to manage, enjoyable foods, simple.
    Thanks for ur philosophy and vision.

  • Been following the Vertical diet for about two
    weeks now. Literally dropped about 8 pounds
    and I have so much energy in my body that after
    I eat I literally sweat bc my body is an energy
    burning machine on this diet. Keep spreading
    the good word!

  • Over the course of 3 months on your Vertical Diet,
    I went from 256 down to 228 and hit a 25 lb PR on
    my deadlift and added the same to my bench.
    Went from a fat f**ck to still a fat f**ck, but a little
    less fat. Never going to stop this diet, the energy
    and results are unreal, thanks for inventing this

  • I just want to say thank you. I’ve tried everything for
    the past 15 years to try to gain weight. Every diet
    just bloated or punished my guts. Then I saw your
    diet, which are all my favorite foods anyway, so I
    decided to try it. Every aspect of my life is better.
    My energy level is amazing and I don’t have any
    bloating. I look forward to my next meal instead
    of trying to pack it in. I’ve also put on 5 pounds
    which for me is unheard of. Thanks You!

  • Stan… From one sexy beast to another THANK YOU!
    The vert diet has made a big difference to my quality
    of life. I’m a busy 41 yr old father of three and this
    diet has simplified meal prep and saved me valuable
    time. I’m a 93kg powerlifter and energy levels
    consistently high and I feel like this year will be full
    of gains and PRs. I have a history of blood pressure
    issues and borderline type 2 diabetic… yearly
    bloodwork and blood pressure as good as it’s
    ever been! All the way up brother!

  • Hey Stan! Your work is amazing and I can testify from
    my own experience that it works. After I had a gut
    surgery I couldn’t anything without having awful gas
    that would mess me up for hours. I gave the Vertical
    Diet a try because of your emphasis on the for map
    and low gas foods. It worked amazing and I haven’t
    had any problem with digestion since!

  • Been following the Vertical Diet for about a month
    now, and wow has it done me well. Just got my body
    composition tested and I’ve gained about 3.5 pounds
    of muscle in the last 4 weeks. As someone who has
    been training for a few years, in the past, I could only
    expect 1-2 of muscle per 8 weeks or so, so this is
    extraordinary. Additionally I don’t need to take a
    preworkout anymore and feel far more energized
    in the gym. Thank you for creating such
    an amazing protocol!!!

  • Stan, I hope this message finds you well!
    I have a question… I am a S&C coach at
    St. Johns University. My baseball guys have
    gotten stuck without meals on away trips
    a couple of times due to poor planning. I’m
    a huge fan of your diet and see you now
    have the meal service. Obviously there are
    so many details going into that, but is this an
    option you’re considering for the future?
    Thanks so much!

  • I have received my first order and can no
    thank your team enough for the service you provide.
    Compared to the others in this saturated market
    the quality of the food selected as well as the portioning
    is just incomparable. Never have I felt even remotely
    full off of other competitors but your portioning
    is just spot on.You have found a way to take
    simple and make it taste good.

  • Excelev8 provides student-athletes with a nutritiously sound
    and sufficiently caloric meal, in a highly efficient manner.
    The pre-prepped meals provide an opportunity for
    collegiate student-athletes to maximize their most savored
    and sought after commodity: time. By providing
    student-athletes with a meal that can be consumed at
    a time of their choosing, they no longer feel the need to
    resort to unhealthy, quick options. I am confident that our
    student-athletes will display vast improvements both off and
    on the field due to their newly improved eating habits.
    This company comes with my highest recommendation as
    I have had nothing short of a stellar experience.
    Andrew Magee
    Assistant Athletic Director
    Football Administration
    Morgan State Athletics

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