[VIDEO] New VR Fitness Workout Is Coming To Oculus: Know More About ‘Supernatural’

jhon pablo

For those who find themselves stuck at home and with no option to go to their favorite gym or fitness studio, digital workouts may be the next best option. Oculus, known for its immersive virtual reality games, will launch their new VR Fitness Workout, “Supernatural” this month which will give users a more tailored and immersive workout experience.

(Photo : Victor Freitas on Unsplash)
“Supernatural” VR Fitness Workout Is Coming To Oculus

“Supernatural” will help you get into shape even within the confines of your home. According to a report on VR Fitness Insider, “Supernatural” is a subscription-based, immersive virtual reality game that provides the expert experience of fitness coaches, curated music, impressive digital landscapes, and tested routines all combined in a home-workout that you can experience every day.

The VR game includes leaderboards, a mobile companion app, and Bluetooth heart rate integration that will keep track of your fitness

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