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Women’s Health & Fitness Day

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own. (The Gateway Family YMCA )

The Gateway Family YMCA and Shaping Eastern Union County will join local groups across the country to celebrate the 19th Annual National Women’s Health & Fitness Day on September 30th 2020. As a virtual host site, The Gateway Family YMCA will provide complimentary guest access to YMCA Virtual Group Exercise and Chronic Disease Programs, with additional information and resources available throughout the event. For more information or to register, visit

On this day, The Gateway Family YMCA will join with an estimated 500 organizations and women of all ages across the country to help promote active, healthy lifestyles through physical fitness, good nutrition and preventive care.

According to Krystal R. Canady, CEO, The Gateway Family YMCA, “Women’s Health & Fitness Day is an opportunity for women to

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Save Big on Sunny Health & Fitness’ Rowing Machine on Amazon Today

From treadmills to spin cycles, there are a host of exercise machines that can get you your at-home cardio fix. But there may not be a better cardio machine than the classic rower. Today’s an especially great day for taking up rowing, because Amazon slashed the price on one of our favorite rowing machines.

Just a few minutes of hard rowing (or heck, 90 seconds, if you’re rowing hard enough) can redline your heart rate, but the activity does more than that too. It’ll also fire up your glutes and hamstrings, build critical mid-back strength, and activate your biceps and forearms with every stroke.

And when you’re rowing with explosion, you’re also taxing your abs, too: They’re key to helping you pull back with power and maintain the neutral spine you need. It all adds up to a fierce workout no matter how you do it. You could easily row

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Runnin’ with Rani: Kailua-Kona’s Winona Chen is striving to be the next Ms. Health & Fitness

If you want to be a part of an inspiring story about a small-town girl pursuing big dreams in the fitness world, then you’d want to read about Kailua-Kona’s Winona Chen and, you will want to vote for her.

Chen is currently among 64 women in the semifinalist round, all competing for the coveted title of Ms. Health & Fitness 2020. One might wonder how big of a competition this is? Well, it’s big considering the online fitness competition began on July 20 with a whopping 64,000 contestants!

Ms. Health & Fitness is a fan voting competition that has grown to become the world’s largest virtual fitness event in just the last three years. Online votes through Facebook are counted toward each contestant, moving them through qualifying rounds while dwindling down the field, and eventually determine who will be the next Ms. Health & Fitness.

According to the Ms. Health

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Health & Fitness Software Market May See a Big Move

Health & Fitness Software Market

A New business Strategy report released by HTF MI with title Global Health & Fitness Software Market Study Forecast till 2026 . This Global Health & Fitness Software market report brings data for the estimated year 2020 and forecasted till 2026 in terms of both, value (US$ MN) and volume (MT). The report also consists of forecast factors, macroeconomic factors, and a market outlook of the Health & Fitness Software market. The study is conducted by applying both top-down and bottom-up approaches and further iterative methods used to validate and size market estimation and trends of the Global Health & Fitness Software market. Additionally to compliment insights EXIM data, consumption, supply and demand Figures, raw price analysis, market revenue and gross margins. Some of the companies listed in the research study are MINDBODY (United States), Acuity Scheduling, Inc. (United States), Perfect Gym Solutions S.A. (Poland),

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Fitness Beyond Exercise


a man and a woman standing in a room: KT3 Fitness

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KT3 Fitness

Kyle Huebner, owner and personal trainer of KT3 Fitness in Fulton, Illinois, came on PSL to talk about the backstory and unique philosophy of his business.

Huebner, a young personal trainer, partnered with his best friend (Tanner Courtney), and they decided to venture off and create their own business. As for the name–K stands for Kyle, T is for Tanner, and 3 references physical, mental, and emotional strength. The business philosophy is that fitness is about more than being in shape. It’s about building relationships, mental clarity, stress relief, and, of course, better health.

KT3 Fitness got its start in 2016 in a very small building with only 2 clients. In 2020, it has grown into a 10,000-square-foot facility with over 550 members! The owners’ faith has always been at the forefront of what they do saying

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Fitness studio class vs. gym workouts: Is one safer than the other?


Fitness studios are getting creative to protect people in group workout classes, but is it enough?

Getty Images

Gyms and fitness studios are opening up around the country, but some remain closed indefinitely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The ones that are open are required to follow strict guidelines put into place by health and local authorities, like limiting capacity, doing temperature checks at the door and enforcing social distancing rules to curb COVID-19 spread. Even then, some people still worry about safety in gyms and fitness studios in the wake of a pandemic.

In New York City, gyms were recently given the green-light to reopen, but fitness studios were not. For many people, and studio owners, this raised the question: are fitness studios any less safe than gyms, even if they can uphold the same safety measures and safety precautions? 

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VIDA Fitness Ballston Focuses on Precautions to Increase Memberships

Since VIDA Fitness Ballston opened on June 27, about 500 members have had the 30,000 square feet to themselves.

The regional, high-end fitness chain usually sees up to four times that many people join before opening day and in the first three months. But the coronavirus has hurt the boutique gym’s ability to attract members.

After overcoming construction and pandemic-related delays earlier this year, VIDA Ballston’s biggest challenge is getting people to walk in the door, VIDA Fitness Director of Operations Aaron Moore said.

The rate of new memberships is lagging compared to other locations, since many are not comfortable with going to the gym. In response, the company has spent “tens of thousands of dollars” on cleaning equipment and takes state regulations a step further to keep the space sanitary and to follow precautions.

“Our primary motivation is how are we going to keep people safe, because if they

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Ishaan Khatter Spills Beans on Fitness Regime He Undertook for Khaali Peeli, Says Went All Out in Terms of Diet

a man taking a selfie: Ishaan Khatter Spills Beans on Fitness Regime He Undertook for Khaali Peeli, Says Went All Out in Terms of Diet

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Ishaan Khatter Spills Beans on Fitness Regime He Undertook for Khaali Peeli, Says Went All Out in Terms of Diet

Ishaan Khatter has left no stone unturned to achieve a certain body type in his upcoming project, Khaali Peeli. A while back, he took to social media to share that he gained six kilograms of ‘clean bulk’ in two months. The actor had been training hard at the gym to look like a bulkier version of him in the film.

Talking about his regime, he says, “We would train 12-14 hours a day for six days a week and sometimes all seven. I even tried barre work, yoga, gymnastics and rope mallakhamb. I took it very seriously. I definitely was 10 times fitter by the end of that. I went all out in terms of my diet.”

Ishaan shares that he would go to the Antigravity

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Pigi- A Health Supplement based Fitness Brand revolutionizing the Sports Nutrition and Ayurvedic Supplements Sector: Tech News

Pigi, now a well-known brand in the market, was initially founded as a member-based grocery delivery company in October 2016. It later turned to the sports nutrition retail business in early 2017 and has since been focused on on providing a variety of authentic health and bodybuilding supplements to consumers through its online store. It offers the best quality products with no side effects at very competitive prices only through authorized channels. Having already made a mark in the market, the brand has successfully scaled up in 2 years to an impressive annual run rate of 50 crores (pre Covid’19 figures) that started up and was cash profitable. With over 800K + downloads on Pigi’s app, both on Android and iOS, the brand has gained massive popularity in no time. Pigi emphasizes holistic health and wellness in addition to bodybuilding, it offers a wide variety of supplements including protein powders,

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Hydration and fitness | GUIDON

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Dehydration is caused by not drinking enough water. The amount of water necessary to keep someone hydrated depends greatly on the weather, the amount of physical activity, and an individual’s physical fitness level. The symptoms of dehydration include lethargy, headaches and lack of energy. Photo by U.S. Army Sgt. Timothy R. Koster.

Everyone needs water, but drinking water is a habit, not a reflex.

“Thirst is a really poor indicator of hydration,” said Melissa Mahoney, an athletic trainer at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. “People need to shift their mindset when thinking about water not so much as a reflex or an urge, but it really is a behavior.”

By the time your body actually wants to drink water, it’s already dehydrated, she said.

Dehydration results from not replacing fluids and electrolytes that are lost from illness, physical exertion or even from sitting, said

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