The Home for Ketogenic Diets

The Home for Ketogenic Diets

I started Keto in February after years of trying restrictive diets and cycling/fasting that just wasn’t cutting it. I’d see fat loss results but I’d feel like absolute crap and would still look puffy, so keto it was. For reference I’m 25, F, ~125lbs (starting 130lbs) and I train for and run marathons annually. My motivation for keto is to see more muscle definition in combination with more strength training, and to see if it aids my PCOS. I’ve laddered/cycled between mostly restrictive ~1200cal and occasional days of 1800 cals. Macros have been pretty solidly 74% fat, 20% protein and 6% carbs, though occasionally carbs and protein will be higher on days I have more cals.

Anyway, starting out I knew I had a huge hurdle: my snack obsession. I not only did I love to snack throughout the day, but I love good tasting snacks, and let’s be honest no one has ever really raved over the chalky taste of a protein bar. I know some people are of the mind that Keto snacks or desserts shouldn’t be too sweet or tasty because it makes it easier to overeat, and I understand that, but for me personally I knew that if I had to suffer just eating protein bars and raw chocolate I would definitely not last. So I decided to try out a few delicious options and give my picky snacker review on what I think is worth both my money and my willpower.

Disclaimer: All snacks reviewed are bought from the store, not home-made, I’m not at the DIY stage for snacks just yet.

My personal requirements:

  • Net carbs easily fit into my macros for the day

  • Palatable: snacks must be tasty

  • Somewhat nutritious, or at least not filled with terrible ingredients like Maltodextrin or Maltitol.

  • Satisfying cravings: such as if you miss certain flavors/textures that can’t be satisfied by before mentioned keto protein bars or seltzer water.

These are my own personal opinions so feel free to disagree. Also before you spend money on these please know your snacking habits/your own willpower. Obviously the recommended macros will only work for you if you can stick to them. I myself have moments of weakness, but I plan around/work with my vulnerabilities: filling up with 0 carb sparkling soda water if I’m craving, mixing flavors like having highly spicy/savory cheese crisps after something sweet, eating MIO flavored gelatin for late night craves (lol), etc. You know what’s best for you.

Sweet treats:

By far the hardest category to get great taste in, which was super surprising to me starting keto. I thought it was a simple swap of 0 cal sweetener, but in this department I found the most important part that contributes to great taste is texture (how creamy, for the most part).

  1. Rebel Ice Cream. My number one will probably forever be rebel Ice Cream. Maybe it’s because I struggled so hard to find a ice cream that fit macros, didn’t have added sugars, and didn’t taste like chalk or curdled frozen heavy whipping cream (looking at you Mammoth Creameries). They have amazing flavors which taste like real ice cream, and a whole pint is between 4-8g of carbs depending on flavor. Be careful of the calories though. The only runner up to them in my opinion is Enlightened keto ice cream, but I don’t even bother anymore to be honest.

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