Welcome to the Committee on Health

Welcome to the Committee on Health

Committee Jurisdiction: Primary jurisdictions are health care, health insurance, Medi-Cal and other public health care programs, mental health licensing of health and health-related professionals, and long-term health care facilities.

The Health Committee is located in Room 6005 and the phone number is (916) 319-2097.

Health Committee Staff

Rosielyn Pulmano, Chief Consultant Email: [email protected]

Judith Babcock, Senior Consultant Email: [email protected]
Scott Bain, Principal Consultant Email: [email protected]
Lara Flynn, Principal Consultant Email: [email protected]
Kristene Mapile, Principal Consultant Email: [email protected]

Patty Rodgers, Lead Secretary Email: [email protected]
Marshall Kirkland, Secretary Email: [email protected]

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been asked to sacrifice a lot to keep our friends, family and those around us safe and healthy. However, we must all recognize that during state and national emergencies, often our most vulnerable communities are the ones disproportionately impacted.

For more information as it becomes available, please be sure to visit the following websites:

California Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

CA Department of Public Health

CA Employment Development Department 

Attorney General Becerra Issues Consumer Alert on Price Gouging Following Statewide Declaration of State of Emergency for Novel Coronavirus Cases in CA Communities 

File a Consumer Complaint Against a Business/Company

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom – Newsroom



Assembly Member Jim Wood,
Chair of the Health Committee

Assembly Member Brian Maienschein, Vice Chair

Assembly Member Chad Mayes,
Vice Chair of the Health Committee

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